The Catholic University of America

The LALS Minor

The LALS minor is designed to introduce undergraduate students to the wide range of disciplines with the program of Latin American and Latino Studies Program and to encourage students to pursue intensive studies in their particular fields of interest.


The LALS minor program consists of

  • Six courses, for a minimum of eighteen credit hours, from the program's list of LALS approved courses. (If students are interested in a course that is not listed, they may contact the LALS Director. She, in consultation with the Steering Committee, will review the addition of the course.)
  • Courses must be taken from at least three different departments or schools.
  • No more than two courses may "overlap" between the student's major and LALS minor requirements.


The LALS Minor is open to all undergraduate students at CUA who have declared a major. Students can sign up at any time after consultation with the LALS Director and their academic adviser.

Progress and Advising:

Students electing the LALS Minor are encouraged to meet with the LALS Director each semester to discuss course selection, to obtain assurance that selected courses count toward the Minor. Students must obtain prior approval from the LALS Director for participation in study abroad programs and for internship selections if these are to count for their LALS Minor.
Not all courses will be offered each year, so each student’s curriculum will have to be planned and closely monitored.