The Catholic University of America

 Multidisciplinary LALS courses

Department of Anthropology
ANTH 101: Introduction to Cultures in Global Society
ANTH 108: Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 214: Anthropology of Food 
ANTH 217: Migrants, Refugees, and the Homeless
ANTH 230/630: Ancient Cities of the World
ANTH 254: Ancient Cultures of South America
ANTH 322: Lost Cities and Ancient Empires 
ANTH 324: Cultural Heritage of Native America
ANTH 334: The Incas
ANTH 341/741: Health, Society, and Culture
ANTH 354: Archeology of Settlements and Landscapes
ANTH 355: Latinos and Latinas in the U.S.
ANTH 366: Identity & Community in America (inactive)
ANTH 371: Latin America in the New Millennium (inactive)
ANTH 654: Ancient Cultures of South America
Department of History
HIST 140: Travel and Tourism in Latin America
HIST 143: Migrations in the Americas
HIST 386: Modern Mexico
HIST 229: Global Migration to the Americas, 1492-present
HIST 283: Latinos in America
HIST 371: Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, 1492-1825
HIST 371A: Colonial Latin America
HIST 371B: Modern Latin America
HIST 371C: Cuba: From Colony to Cold War
HIST 374: The Rise of American Slavery and its Defeat, 1492-1877 
HIST 381: Border Culture: Mexico and the Southwestern United States, 1776-1930
HIST 383A: Latinos in the US 
HIST 387A-B: Junior Seminar (Topic: Revolutions in Mexico & Cuba; open to HIstory majors/minors only)
HIST 574: The Missionary Church in America, Asia and Africa, 1450-1800
HIST 685: The Church in Latin America
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
FREN 220: Pirates of the Caribbean: Sailors and Slaves in Atlantic Literature
PORT 300: Porteguese for Spanish Speakers
PORT 330: Carnival and Samba in Brazilian Literature and Film
SPAN 204: Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition
SPAN 211: Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition for Heritage Speakers II
SPAN 214: The Inca Empire before and after the Conquest
SPAN 206: Topics in Latin American Culture
SPAN 207: Advanced Spanish for Health Care I  
SPAN 208: Advanced Spanish for Health Care II  
SPAN 225: Magic in German and Hispanic Literature and Film (taught in English)
SPAN 270/MDIA 309: Latin American Cinema: A History
SPAN 271: Spanish & Latin American Literature in Translation 
SPAN 277/577: Cultural Competency Awareness in Health Care 
SPAN 300: Thinking Critically: Literature, Film, & Media in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 301: Society and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 302: Mapping the Hispanic Worlds: Contemporary Issues, Trends, and Debates in the U.S. and abroad
SPAN 304: Public Speaking: Strategies for Oral Communication in Spanish 
SPAN 305: Public Speaking for Heritage Students
SPAN 307: Communication and Culture in Spanish-English Health Care Settings I 
SPAN 308: Communication and Culture in Spanish-English Health Care Settings II
SPAN 309: Taking Laughter Seriously: Humor in Latin American Cultures and Literatures  
SPAN 310: Contemporary Hispanic Issues
SPAN 333: Understanding How The Spanish Language Works
SPAN 345: Spanish in the US: Debunking the Myths (taught in Spanish)
SPAN 356: Latin/o American Popular Song: Socio-Political Movements
SPAN 376: 20th Century Latin American Poetry
SPAN 380: Film, Culture and History
SPAN 402: Translation for International Affairs
SPAN 408: Revolutions, Social Movements and Societal Transformations in Contemporary Latin America
SPAN 467: Spanish as a Minority Language 
SPAN 485: Legal Translation and Interpretation
SPAN 495B: Health Care Internship
Department of Politics
POL 350: Latin American Politics
POL 344: Brazil in World Affairs
POL 429: Native Peoples, Environments, and Religions
Department of Sociology 
SOC 102: Glocal Social Programs & Social Justice (under review)
SOC 365: Controlling America's Borders: Issues and Problems
SOC 331: Globalization and Social Movement
SOC 361: Migration and Immigrant Communities
SOC 334: Economic Sociology: Capitalism, Globalization and Development
SOC 450: Race Relations in Film Feature (under review)
Department of Psychology
PSY 387: Community Interventions in Mental Health 
PSY 493, Section 2: Research Apprenticeship with Dr. Barrueco in Latin American & Latino Studies in Psychology 
PSY 592: Readings with Dr. Barrueco in Latin American & Latino Studies in Psychology 
School of Theology and Religious Studies
TRS 159: Faith in Action: A Mission Experience
TRS 328: Makers of Hispanic Catholic History
TRS 330: The Church and Social Issues (under review)
TRS 358: Ministry with Vulnerable Populations
TRS 454: Introduction to Hispanic Ministry
TRS 728Q: The Church in Latin America
Benjamin T. Rome School of Music
MUS 335: Survey of Latin American Music 
MUS 586: Topics in Latin American Music ( Ability to read music is a prerequisite. Interested students should contact instructor.

Students, please contact Dr. Barrueco if there is a course at CUA that you are interested in taking that is not on the above list. New LALS courses can be approved.