The Catholic University of America

Additional Features of the LALS Program


Panels and Lectures: Each semester, one of the departments involved in LALS hosts a panel or a lecture. LALS students are highly encouraged to attend and participate in these activities.


Study abroad –As a Global Studies program, LALS welcomes and encourages students to study abroad. The LALS faculty will work with students to identify appropriate programs for language study, courses in universities abroad matching or complementing those on offer at CUA, and assistance in applying for FLAS (Foreign Area and Language Study) and other apposite scholarships.


Internship – LALS students who wish to complete an internship relevant to Latin American and Latino Studies, and who have already been approved to receive CUA course credit for it, can count the internship as one of the 4 free elective courses for the Minor or Certificate, with the prior approval of the LALS director.


Consortium courses – The program may accept courses in other universities in the Washington Consortium, but these must be approved by LALS a semester in advance and must also be approved for credit by the student’s School. Several institutions affiliated with the consortium offer Latin American and Latino studies programs with appropriate courses in language and literature, history, politics, and other social sciences and humanities courses.